Twin Mattress Size — Save Money, Save Space

The twin mattress size remains both practical and economical for kids and adults alike. While the dimensions may not be ideal for taller or larger teens and adults, there are many good reasons to keep it a staple in the kids’ rooms. Space saving and ease of movement are number one aside from good economics.

Standard Twin Mattress Size (U.S. inches): 38″ by 75″

NOTE: Standard mattress sizes are not really as standard as you might think. While the above measurement was obtained from Consumer Reports — presumably a reliable source for that type of info — some sources state the size as 39″ X 75″ and still others state it as 36″ X 75″. It probably varies according to how the mattress is measured, meaning which points are chosen to start and end the measurement. As we know, mattresses tend to be soft, bulging things, so slight variation is to be expected.

Sheets and bedding for twin mattress dimensions remain quite reasonable, of course, but the twin size also allows a greater choice of mattresses. This is something the budget-conscious single adult can also consider — the best mattress might cost less in this size than a mediocre one in a queen size.

Afford a Better Bed with Twin Size Mattress Dimensions

If both comfort and money are high priorities, and if you know that sleeping on a 36-to-39-inch wide bed is fine for you, why not take advantage of that?

If you are a single sleeper, you can benefit from reasonable twin size prices and step up to a higher quality bed — to get the best night’s sleep possible.

This is especially true if health issues come into the picture, such as back pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis or any other condition that makes a high quality mattress all the more valuable. An adjustable bed, if needed, will also be more affordable in the twin mattress size.

More Flexibility for Couples

Couples who need widely different firmness levels can get matching twin beds rather than a king size, without using anymore space in the bedroom if they are side by side. Get the extra long twin mattress size if one or both of you are of average height or taller. Short couples are in luck!

Of course you will have to beware of the crevice between the beds, but this can be fixed with a little ingenuity. Perhaps a king-size mattress topper can be added to make the division less noticeable, perhaps with an extra strip of foam between mattresses. Of course then you will need king-size sheets.

If you keep the beds separate, making them up and moving them to different locations will also be a lot easier. Blankets and comforters can also be separate, another advantage if each of you prefers different sleeping temperatures.

So really, there are some valid reasons to reconsider the twin mattress size for adults, and not just for single sleepers. Matching twin beds still have a place in the bedrooms of couples with different sleep needs who still want to share the same bedroom. If Lucy and Rickie could do it, why not you?

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