Simmons Mattresses — Comparing Beautyrest Mattresses with Other Brands

A few years ago, Simmons stood out because of their pocketed coil system. Now that nearly all brands have pocketed coils inside their mid-range to high-end mattresses, what does Simmons do now to give themselves a competitive edge?

It’s a bit hard to say, as mattresses are becoming more and more alike these days. Simmons claims to offer a “highly advanced” Pocket Coil “technology” but doesn’t everyone? Is there any mattress technology described in marketing terms as anything less than “highly advanced?” Hardly.

Yet Simmons, as the pioneer in pocketed coil design, has leveraged that head start, and they do seem to offer more advanced pocketed coil systems—or at least a wider variety of them—in their Beautyrest and True Energy Hybrid lines.

So it is safe to say that Simmons mattresses stand up well to brand comparisons, especially their Beautyrest innerspring mattresses. Of course this doesn’t mean they make the best mattress, as no one can truly claim that. “Best” is still a matter of individual taste and preference that is only determined by you the consumer, testing different mattresses and making your own decision.

Like all mattress companies, Simmons has product lines that go from good to better to best. What differentiates one line from the next is coil density, coil type and gauge, type and thickness of foam padding and the number of layers of padding.

What Are Your Choices With Simmons?

The current lines being offered include the following in order of lowest to highest on the price/quality scale:

  • BeautySleep (good) This product line is the basic no-frills Simmons, ranging from $300 to $600, with an average 460 coil count for a queen, mostly open coil, but some models may have wrapped coils.
  • [NOTE: Beautyrest Classic has technically been discontinued and is no longer featured on the Simmons website. However, models are still widely available in online stores such as US Mattres. It is most comparable to the Recharge in quality and price. You can find one with Super Pocketed Coils in an 800 count, though with a thinner gauge.]
  • Beautyrest Recharge (better) This product line, which includes models of various names such as Kenosha Place and Lydia Manor, ranges in price from $400 to $900 “on sale” (which really means the normal price). Coil type is Super-Pocketed coil with a gauge of 13.76 and a coil count for queen of 800.
  • Beautyrest Recharge World Class (better to best) has a price range of $1100 to $2000. It features the Super Pocketed Coil in a 1000 count but with a thinner gauge of 15.
  • Beautyrest TruEnergy (better to best) a hybrid bed, features Smart Response Coils and Air Cool Memory foam. Coil count is 900 in a queen with a gauge of 15. Expect to pay from $1100 to $3000 for this bed in its various configurations.
  • Beautyrest ComforPedic (better to best) is a memory foam bed using Air Cool® Memory foam layered over an Air Cool® Transflexion foam core. This is their version of a polyurethane foam core that they claim has a unique open-cell structure that manages to stay firm while providing a cooler sleeping experience. Price ranges from $1200 to $5000.
  • Beautyrest Black (best) is the highest you can go in luxury with a Simmons innerspring. You can get double layers of springs, both the Smart Response and Veriform Advanced Pocketed coils. Expect to pay from $2000 to $4000 and up for this bed with all the trimmings.

Firmness Levels

Simmons offers varying levels of firmness: “Ultra-Firm, Luxury Firm, Plush Firm, Plush, and Ultra Plush.” As with all mattresses, expect to pay more as the bed gets more “plush.” A couple inches of mattress thickness can end up costing hundreds of dollars more depending on the quality of foam. Interestingly, a mattress labeled “firm” in the upper class models can have more padding inside than the “plush” versions of the lower-cost lines.

All these details prove why it’s so important to use your own firmness perception (and take lots of notes when you’re choosing a mattress) rather than the manufacturer’s description as your guide.

Coils, Padding, Foam, Edge Support… Yep, They Got That

Simmons offers an unusually high coil count in some models, 1000 in a queen size for these in its Beautyrest Recharge World Class line. And they also offer an interesting double-decker coil design, in some select (and more expensive) World Class models. This means a layer of smaller pocket springs (which they call “Micro Pocketed Coils”) sits on top of a layer of larger pocketed coils, thereby doubling the total coil count for extra support and comfort. Very impressive! But performance is what counts, and there have been no comparison studies that show these double-layered mattresses to rate remarkably higher or lower than similarly-priced models of competitive brands in the same category of mattress because of this exclusive innerspring design. So again, it becomes a matter of taste and individual preference.

As for other features, such as innovative padding materials and varieties of foam, Simmons is about even with its main competitors. All the major brands offer a wide variety of foam padding under an equally wide range of cute names. For example, the Simmons’ Recharge World Class line may use, depending on the model:

  • AirCool® Foam (select models)
  • AirCool® Memory Foam (select models)
  • AirCool® Memory Foam with micro Gel Touch™ (select models)
  • TruTemp Gel
  • Luxury Firm Comfort Foam (select models)
  • Plush Comfort Foam (select models)
  • Energy Foam™
  • Blended Latex (select models)

No one gives exact specifications on their padding, which makes it difficult to make comparisons between different types of foam and between different mattresses and mattress brands. Some are firm, some are soft, some have air holes, some have gel, some have high density and some have lower density. All we know for sure is that the introduction of gel into both polyurethane and viscoelastic (memory) foam, along with innovations in the mattress-foam industry, has multiplied the number of padding options to unseen levels—but if they truly add value in the form of comfort, and if they truly stand the test of time without flattening down, then we have no complaints.

In conclusion, there is little doubt that Simmons can stand out in their ability to make a luxuriously comfortable mattress in all price ranges. Durability and long-term satisfaction of their beds is comparable to other major brands of similarly-constructed models.

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  1. Kate says:

    I think that most of the beds that are house \hold name basically all have the same features, I have a sealy postherpetic and my mom has a Simmons..all great beds and yes they differ by name but they are just, all the same, Do you maybe know what the major difference is between these two brands?

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