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NOTE: The following article is out of date but I’m leaving it up so you can see what the world has lost since all three major mattress brands–Sealy, Simmons and Serta–decided to stop selling latex mattresses. That’s right, they have all discontinued making and marketing any type of latex mattress, which is a shame, but we can only surmise that they were not big profit generators. The materials were too expensive, no doubt, or too difficult to process and the mattresses were too much of a hassle to produce.

Is it a coincidence that the mattress industry suffered losses during the recent recession around the time they quit selling latex mattresses (I am speaking of the real thing, not the flimsy imitation that Sealy is offering at present)? I think not. These companies were heavily leveraged (that means “in debt up to their eyeballs”) and needed to lay off enough employees and cut costs in other ways to avoid the serious losses that could have led to bankruptcy.

So the following is no longer valid but may still contain something of interest to a rare few.

[Old Stuff Below]

The Serta latex mattress is called Pure Response. It features a Talalay latex core, which is a bit unusual in the mattress world. Just to be clear, there are two processing methods in manufacturing latex mattresses, the Talalay method and the Dunlop method.

The Talalay process incorporates a freezing method that the Dunlop doesn’t have. This extra step produces a more springy type of latex foam with a less dense texture. Having a Talalay inner core would indicate that the Serta latex mattress has a softer, bouncier feel than competitors. According to Serta, their latex is also cooler and more breathable than the others (they claim it is up to four times cooler than other foam, but that statement is too nonspecific to take literally).

In spite of an ongoing debate in the mattress world over which method is superior, people who try out both types of latex find they have their own personal preferences. Some prefer Talalay and some prefer Dunlop. It’s quite simple — there is no real superiority of one over the other, it’s all about individual taste.

That’s no surprise!

So you see, if you have already made a choice of buying a latex mattress, you still have some more decisions to make. It is a good idea to compare the Serta latex mattress with Sealy, Simmons and other brands.

Latex Mattress Comparisons

Simmons offers a Talalay inner core only in their top-of-the-line latex mattress model (the Pike Peak). They also offer Talalay latex in the padding layers of their other models.

Sealy latex mattresses are made with the Dunlop processing method.

And with the growing popularity of the latex mattress, most other mattress companies are putting out their own versions. You may want to compare the big names with some all-natural latex mattresses made by smaller companies.

Serta Latex Mattress Features

The Pure Response offers

  • Their exclusive Advanced Comfort Quilt (a layer of egg-crate soft foam combined with other “fluffy” fibers and attached to the top fabric)
  • Cool Nature latex foam padding (said to release absorb and release heat as needed)
  • 8-inch Talalay latex core
  • Choice of Visco Memory Foam padding
  • Talalay latex convoluted foam
  • Mattress thickness 12 to 15 inches

Other Serta Latex Mattress Models

Serta makes other latex mattresses besides the Pure Response. They will have various names according to what retailers you shop at. However some of these Serta mattress models have a polyurethane foam core rather than latex. If you buy this type of mattress, you are not getting a true latex mattress.

Make sure you know what type of core is inside any mattress you test. If you don’t get a straight answer from the salesperson, it’s time to go to a different outlet!

There is really no point in buying a latex mattress that has a poly core, no matter what brand name is on the label.

Memory Foam or Not?

Some models in the Serta latex mattress line offer memory foam as a padding option. Memory foam on top of talalay latex doesn’t really make a lot of sense, but most big-name mattress manufacturers seem to talk up this option.

If you would like to experiment with this combination, it might be best to get a separate topper. Beware of getting carried away with padding options. These layers are glued to each other inside the mattress and if you find later that you don’t like them… you will have to buy a new mattress!

Support Base

Serta has a Pure Response Foundation to go with their mattresses. It’s a good idea to have a good support foundation with a talalay latex mattress due to its lighter and springier texture.

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