Sealy Mattress Reviews — What Do People Really Think About Sealy Posturepedic, Sealy Latex Mattresses and Other Mattress Comparisons

When evaluating Sealy mattress reviews, it’s important to note that negative reviews may outnumber positive reviews on many consumer products simply because dissatisfied consumers feel more urgency in expressing their views. This is not only just to vent but also to warn other individuals that they could have the same negative experience.

But it is also important to understand the trends in mattress manufacturing, which has been to offer a greater feel of luxury and comfort, seemingly without considering the impact these changes have on durability and long-term customer satisfaction.

What this translates to is the undeniable experience of lying down on a heavenly bed in a showroom packed with heavenly beds—and then finding out months and years later that this dreamy comfort comes at a price… one called body impressions!

The business model has changed, the mattress models have changed… but the human body has not changed. It still sinks into luxurious layers of pillowtop heaven and flattens them down into an uncomfortable hollow.

But what about the heat-tempered steel coils and the increased coil counts of these new, thick, luxurious mattresses? Don’t they offer the core durability needed to make the mattress perform as it should? Apparently, fancy coils crammed together don’t always do the job. Padding is often so thick that the coils can’t compensate for the sinking feeling.

But to get back to the more specific topic of Sealy mattress reviews… when compared to its competitors, Sealy actually does quite well in its innerspring and memory foam lines.

Difficulty with Sealy Mattress Reviews and Ratings

The most difficult part of evaluating Sealy mattress reviews is the fact that the model name is either not mentioned or unrecognizable by other readers. As repeated throughout this site, model names vary according to retailer, and to make matters worse, they can also change year by year.

Biggest Complaints About Sealy Mattresses

The main complaints fall into these main categories:

  • body impressions or cave-ins on the surface of the mattress
  • mattress wearing out too soon
  • mattress disappointing — not meeting expectations of comfort
  • problems for which the mattress was purchased (aches and pain, tossing and turning) were not solved by the mattress
  • poor customer service/warranty response

These complaints are typical for all mattress brands. Plush pillowtops and excessive paddings are, as mentioned, often to blame for body impressions. Once the top padding is compressed or wears out, there’s not much you can do to fix it because it is stuck inside there and cannot be removed or replaced.

This is something to consider seriously, as these extra layers and pillowtops and padding materials add both bulk and cost to a mattress.

While it is admittedly inconvenient, you might discover that buying a somewhat firm mattress, then adding your own layers on top for softness and comfort is a better idea.

Sealy Mattress Reviews and Overall Ratings

There is no doubt that Sealy makes a good mattress with the Posturepedic lines. Their competitive edge include…

  • Strong, tempered steel coils, average length 5 inches
  • Good coil count in all Posturepedic mattresses
  • Good edge support with their Unicase designs
  • An unusually high quality synthetic latex foam padding and cores
  • Long lasting compared to other similar brands and models
  • Possibly the best mattress company for heavier individuals because of the strength of the inner construction in both coil and latex types.

With so many favorable reviews of Sealy Posturepedic, one can feel a bit more confident about choosing it amidst the confusing array of brands, models and made-up names that are out there. It helps to make a frustrating mattress shopping experience a bit more pleasant. However, all the same caveats apply to purchasing a Sealy as to any other brand.

Avoid too much padding.
Compare, compare, compare.
Make sure you are testing the mattress type you really want.
Take your time.
Resist the pressure of salespeople and blowout sales.
Become knowledgeable about mattress construction.
In other words… please choose carefully.

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  1. Ivan says:

    None of the above. Get a Select Comfort mattress. I’ve had mine 12 years and have never had a bahakcce in all that time. They may cost a bit more initially.But you’ll probably never need to buy another mattress for the rest of your life. (There’s nothing to wear out.)Just try one.

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