The Restonic Mattress — Not Quite the Household Name, But a Good Competitor

The Restonic Mattress has been given the Consumer Digest Best Buy Award, which bodes well for its pricing structure. However, it is not quite as easy to find as its more well known competitors, Sealy, Simmons, Serta, etc.

It is interesting that some mattress companies will give at least some idea of their price ranges on their official websites… and others won’t. Restonic is one that does not, despite the fact that pricing is one of its best features.

You will instead have to compare mattresses and prices online or in the stores. Of course, once you venture through a retailer’s doors, you will be immediately bombarded by an array of sales pitches, different names for products than you’ve heard of anywhere else… and other confusing details.

But mattress shopping is a necessity to life and health, so we will soldier on…

The Restonic mattress is well-constructed and holds its own against its household-name competitors, such as Sealy and simmons. If price and good value is the most important feature for you in a mattress, it’s definitely a good idea to test and compare the Restonic line against other more expensive brands and product lines. You may be surprised at how much money you can save without compromising comfort and support and the all-important good-night’s sleep.

How Does the Restonic Mattress Stand Out?

They feature variable support, giving it their own cute name — Marvelous Middle. This refers to the extra steel coils placed throughout the middle third section of the mattress. This is where the human body sinks in the most, the hip and lower back area, the center of gravity.

Most mattresses offer some type of variable support, so this is not an exclusive feature by any means, but at least you know that your Restonic mattress will not short-change you in this area. Restonic claims that having more coils in the center third section prevents premature sagging and offers better support. But how much of the sagging problem is due to a lack in the number of coils as opposed to the thickness and quality of the steel used in the springs? How much is due to using inferior padding materials in pillowtop and plush models? These are the questions no one seems capable of answering with real clarity. Each brand boasts their own construction as being superior with little proof of actual comparison testing.

Restonic has a decent standard warranty of 10-15 years with the usual exclusions for soiled or unusual wear and tear. It is supposed to cover body impressions over 1.5 inches in depth.

Product Lines

Restonic provides information on the two main product lines on their website:

  • The Comfort Care line features variable support, high-density foam around the edge of the mattress (a common feature of nearly all decent mattresses), the requisite padding and fabric details. The Comfort Care line has three models: plain, Select and Signature, which corresponds to the typical “good, better, best” pattern of most mattress brands.

    Comfort Care plain (no added name) offers coils linked together in a continuous-design structure to reduce motion transfer. You can get firm, plush or Eurotop. Here is where you will find the most reasonable prices.

    Select gives you tempered steel individually wrapped coils and more luxurious padding.

    Signature, the highest model in the Comfort Care line offers individually wrapped coils that are “electronically tempered”–whatever that might mean–and gel-infused memory or latex foam or “quilted padding” as the comfort layers. It sounds like a comfortable and luxurious bed for those who like the feel of latex or memory foam, along with the core support of steel springs… plus gel technology to keep cool.

  • The HealthRest line has three models — a memory foam mattress, a natural-latex mattress and gel-memory foam mattress, all of which seem to be quite good versions of these popular beds. They all promise to dissipate body heat using open cell structure and other technological advances that sound typically interesting but not explained with any real depth. No surprise there, as mattress companies do not like to expose their secrets to the world, nor do they like to expose the fact that their technology is neither as secret nor exclusive as they would like us to think.


Restonic mattresses seem reasonably priced compared to other popular brands. Their basic models start in the $400 to $500 range, and their most expensive models barely approach $3000. While not as easily found as the better-selling brands, these beds have the support of a stable company that’s been in business for over 75 years.

Restonic Mattress Reviews and Complaints

All over the online world, you will find complaints about mattresses of all brands, types and price ranges. Restonic receives its share, although in proportion to its sales, no more than any other brand. Complaints are mostly about sagging, caving, and deep body impressions. Many are typically about Eurotop and other plush models, although some are about faulty spring construction and structural weaknesses. The company seems to be taking a more proactive role in responding to complaints, which is certainly encouraging. All in all, Restonic appears to be doing its best to make a solid product at a sane price.

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  1. L Lewis says:

    Ever hear of the Restonic queen sized mattress being only 78-inches instead of the standard 80? I just purchased one. Originally thought the sheets where sized wrong until I actually measured the bed.

  2. Kimley DuncN says:

    What’s the average Gauge of the spring coils?

  3. Khosie says:

    I am not satisfied with the recent restonic marvellous middle royal salute i bought in June at OK furnitures. It has not lived to its promise. 2 months down the line it is sagging and shows a big body impression after sleeping on it. I regret my choice. I had a lot of respect for Restonic as a brand. All my beds are restonic. Right now, I am using the old matress I bought 10 years ago – Restonic mother of pearl. It seems more solid.
    Why has restonic disappointed me?

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