Queen Size Mattress Dimensions — Is This the Best Mattress Size of All?

The queen size mattress dimensions make it a very popular sized bed for both couples and single sleepers. Nonetheless, there are some couples who would do better in a king size bed and some singles who might not need to move up to a queen because of space-saving concerns. It pays to consider all options.

First, let’s take a look at queen size mattress dimensions (U.S. measurements)

Standard Queen Size Mattress Measurements: 60 X 80

The queen mattress size is six inches wider and five inches longer than a standard full size mattress, also known as “double.” This gives each of two sleepers approximately 30 inches of space. Many couples find this to be too narrow, although others do fine with it. Naturally it depends a lot on the size of the sleepers, how much they move around, and their customary sleeping positions.

Back and stomach sleepers will need more space than side sleepers, and of course “spooners” will probably be the most happy in a queen. Some back sleepers have a tendency to spread their arms out as well, which pretty much seals the deal for a king size bed!

The queen is still the most common bed in American bedrooms and the bedding accessories in this size are widely available and fairly reasonable in price compared to a king size.

Should You Move Up?

The queen size mattress dimensions make it a reasonable choice for couples who sleep soundly together without problems. Those who don’t may wish to move up to a king. If you feel cramped, and the discomfort is causing you sleepless nights, the extra cost and inconvenience of switching to the king size mattress dimensions will be well worth it. Nothing should stand in the way of a good night’s sleep.

If, on the other hand, you can’t manage to fit a king size bed into your current bedroom, or if costs are just too high, these are some things to consider. You might want to make do with a different type of queen size mattress, perhaps one that has better edge support, so you can be comfortable sleeping closer to the edge of the mattress.

And don’t forget that a sagging and worn out mattress will cause it to seem smaller. Simply getting a high-quality new mattress might give you an automatic feeling of spaciousness.

Remember also, that pressure points and the wrong firmness levels of your bed might cause to toss and turn. Once you eliminate these problems by either getting a new mattress or adding a softer mattress topper, you might find yourself sleeping more peacefully.

The Single Sleeper

The single sleeper has good reasons to choose a queen size mattress dimensions, especially if you have pets, children or a part-time sleeping partner. Not to mention if you just need the space.

For taller people, a full size bed will only give 75 inches in length, as opposed to 80 for a queen. While extra-long full size beds are available from some mattress stores, you would probably have to buy queen size sheets anyway… so unless you really need the space saved on the width, a queen makes more sense.

On the other hand, you could do fine in a full-size bed if you are on the small side, and would rather save money or space.

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