Natural Latex Mattress — Rubber Tree Sap Makes a Comeback in All Natural Mattresses

The all natural latex mattress belongs to a special category of mattresses that do not use any synthetic petroleum-based components inside the mattress.

While this might sound ultra modern, since we are living in an age of heightened environmental awareness, at one time, not too long ago, all natural mattresses were quite common. No one really paid much attention to them, because it wasn’t anything special. In fact, when synthetic latex became available, it was considered an improvement over the natural rubber-tree version. But times have changed.

How the Natural Latex Mattress is Made

Making a natural latex mattress is a multiple-step process that begins with harvesting or tapping the sap from the rubber trees, and involves numerous labor-intensive steps and strict standards to insure a consistent high-quality outcome.

When sap comes out of the tree — a process that does not damage the tree, making natural latex a sustainable product — it is a whitish liquid that bears little resemblance to what it will eventually become. There is nothing solid or bouncy about this stuff — it’s just a lot of thin, sticky goo.

What the sap goes through in its journey to become a mattress is quite strenuous, involving filtering, boiling, whipping, molding, baking, washing, drying, and even freezing in the case of the Talalay process. Various substances are added to the pure sap in order to make it easier to handle and mold properly.

When the mattress cores come out of the “oven,” they are something to behold. The molding process produces tiny pinholes to release the heat during the baking process. These holes serve double duty — they also make the latex more breathable, comfortable and resilient. The foam rubber itself starts its new life a clean, white color. This naturally yellows with age and exposure to oxygen, but that doesn’t reduce its quality in any way.

Why All Natural Latex Mattresses Are Making a Comeback

When scientists learned how to make synthetic latex, it was considered a great discovery and continues to be very useful in the manufacturing of modern latex mattresses. It gave the rubber-tree latex better texture, durability and appearance.

So why are all these natural latex beds now so much in demand? Because as people are now beginning to appreciate its earth-friendly sustainability and the comfort of sleeping on this type bed, manufacturers have been able to improve the production process.

So now an all-natural mattress can provide the same wear-ability and consistent texture that the latex blended with synthetic foam always offered. In short, the eco-friendly version is also a better product than it used to be. For environmentally-aware people, a high-quality, eco-sustainable product is a joy to purchase.

How the Earth-Friendly Bed Feels and Performs

The all-natural latex bed supports the whole body in a gentle, cradling sort of way that gives you the feeling of solid, grounded firmness combined with a resilient softness. It takes a lot of fancy padding to make an innerspring mattress feel this way, but good latex does it effortlessly.

These mattresses are also very long-lasting and keep their shape very well over time, as long as they are not overly-layered with “ultra plush” padding that compresses quickly.

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