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Mattress reviews are tricky, especially online. To get the most benefit, first get to know which brands and models appeal to you while staying within your budget.

Objective evaluations from real consumers who have actually slept on the bed for a good period of time are certainly valuable. But there are a few things to keep in mind.

If you considering buying a mattress, make sure the review addresses your biggest concerns — comfort and quality. Problems with the salesperson or the buying transaction should be secondary, as you most likely will be buying your mattress from a different place.

And also make sure to look for consumer ratings that address issues similar to yours — for example, a mattress review from a thin, 43-year-old female with neck pain will be very meaningful if you are female with a similar age, body type and health problem. But it won’t be as meaningful to a 6’3″, 250-pound, 65 year old male welder with back problems. Your needs might be completely different.

Finding truly objective mattress reviews from real consumers is a bit difficult. (Amazon is always a great source for consumer reviews for lots of products, but not so much for mattresses for the simple reason that very few mattresses are sold through Amazon!)

Another concern is that people who rate mattresses are doing so according to their bodily comfort requirements that are unique to them. And their comfort zones might be totally different from yours. In other words, you really need to test the mattress to determine if it meets your individual needs.

Your Mattress Buying Guide Reviews

On this site I will be offering summaries of different types, brands and models of mattresses, drawing from a variety of sources:

  • Consumer evaluations — these include both individual online reviews and those taken en masse by organizations such as Consumer Reports and others.
  • Expert mattress ratings — these include recommendations from professionals who deal with spine health and musculoskeletal health, and experts in the mattress field itself.
  • Manufacturer mattress comparisons– these are based on the technical information provided by mattress manufacturers on how their products are made. I will point out similarities and differences between comparable brands and models. The promotional copy, of course, will be totally ignored.

Another thing to keep in mind is that both consumer and expert reviews can be tainted. It is fairly common for businesses to pay people to post positive comments about products online. So a particularly gushing review with scarce details or specifics might have to be discounted… unfortunately.

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