Mattress Dimensions and How to Choose the Mattress Size That’s Just Right for You

Mattress dimensions can be deceiving sometimes. If you’re thinking of moving to a larger mattress size or a smaller one, here are some guidelines to help you make a decision you won’t regret later.

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First off, how many people are sleeping in the bed?

OK, let’s rephrase the question — how many creatures are sleeping in the bed? In other words, do you have pets who climb aboard each evening?

And what about the part-timers? Do you have kids who like to spend some quality time with you on Sunday morning or saunter in for a nighttime chat to discuss life mysteries and how many monsters can fit under a bed?

These added participants can take up space, which is why you might need to reconsider your previous ideas about the best mattress dimensions for you.

And how many objects are in bed with you? By that I mean laptop computers… phones… books… papers… board games… cereal boxes… And how many remotes are in bed with you — have you ever counted them all?

In short, you need to evaluate your best mattress size according to your realistic needs and lifestyle. A single person with a lot of pets, books and electronic devices may require a larger bed than a couple who likes to sleep close together and don’t move around much during the night.

Here is a list of other things to consider when choosing the right mattress dimensions:

  • Your customary sleeping position. If your tendency is to sleep spread-eagle fashion on your back, your mattress measurements should be spacious enough to sleep comfortably without having your limbs uncovered or cutting off circulation by having them hanging off the edge of the bed.
  • Your tendency to move around while you sleep. Most people do need to move around and change their positions during the night. Being restricted by a mattress size that’s too narrow for you could interfere with sleep and cause muscular pain and stiffness.
  • The dimensions of your bedroom. A king size bed in a small bedroom may cause more problems than it solves. A queen size mattress is often big enough for two if there is sufficient support around the sides of the bed from the right sort of frame. So don’t forget to consider bed frame styles as well as mattress size.
  • Your height and weight. Larger or taller people need bigger beds. But a small thin person could move around enough during sleep to feel quite cramped in a small bed. So don’t leave any factors out when choosing the right mattress dimensions for your individual sleeping habits.
  • Your budget. If money is tight, and all comfort/sleep/health needs can be met just as well with a smaller mattress size, keep in mind that sheets and other bedding materials will be more expensive if you move up to a larger size. But comfort, sleep quality and health should still remain first priority. You can always save money some other way.

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