What the Best Latex Mattress Can Do For You

If you are looking for the best latex mattress, you will have quite a job on your hands, as there are some very good ones out there. But there are also some disappointments, so be prepared to test any latex mattress with diligence.

Before you begin your search, you need to understand the different types of latex and how they are processed to make up a mattress. Processing does matter, because what happens in the factory affects how you’re going to feel sleeping and lying on the bed.

The Difference Between All Natural, Synthetic and Poly Foam Mattresses

When you see “all natural latex mattress” you can assume that the mattress was made from real latex, which comes from the sap of the rubber tree.

The sap is tapped from the trunk without damaging the tree, making quite an earth friendly and sustainable mattress.

A manufacturer will make sure to let you know if their mattress is 100 percent natural, as this has become a desirable (and profitable) feature.
If described simply as “natural latex mattress,” it means the mattress probably contains some synthetic latex (made from styrene butadiene rubber) added to the rubber-tree type. The ratio is usually about 60 percent natural latex and 40 percent synthetic, although the mixture can vary.
If the mattress does not specify either all-natural or a blend, then it is most likely made from 100 percent synthetic latex. It will still have the breathability and comfort features, but will not have the eco-friendly properties of the real thing.
Mattresses made from polyurethane foam are NOT latex. In addition, they do not have a great reputation. They wear out quicker, do not “breathe” as well, are less comfortable, lack suport and resiliency. They also may have some chemical outgassing. While they lack the desirable qualities of both natural and synthetic latex mattresses… considering the price, they can be quite all right if you like foam but can’t afford latex in any form. If you’re looking for a cheap poly foam mattress, some decent ones can be found at IKEA and other stores that specialize in perfectly adequate cheap mattress sets and bed frames.

Advantages of Latex

  • Cradling, all-over type of support — as the heavier parts of your body sink into the surface of the mattress, latex pushes up to support the natural curves of the spine, neck, shoulders and limbs. This is the ultimate in comfort for many sleepers, especially those who feel pressure points from spring mattresses. It can help with different types of muscular pain and misalignment.
  • Dust-mite and bacteria resistant — natural rubber is not attractive to dust mites, bacteria, and mildew. Also, rubber foam has a natural airy structure. This is further enhanced by the pin-hole design of the molds during manufacturing, which allow better airflow and quick drying.
  • As a result, natural latex mattresses and even synthetic ones are hypo-allergenic — less likely to cause allergies related to dust, mildew or bacteria. (Of course if you have a latex allergy, that’s another story — you likely will choose a different mattress to sleep on.)
  • Long-lasting — latex will last far longer than the best innerspring mattress. Some have been known to last up to 40 years! The latex of a really old mattress will begin to crumble and disintegrate a bit, but the inner foam core is often still solid and even feels OK to lie on. Try sleeping on a 40-year-old innerspring… not so nice.
  • Earth-friendly — you really can’t get more “green” than an all-natural latex bed. There are very few major household furnishings that can be so described. If you get a bed frame handmade from recycled or sustainable wood, and use organic sheets, you can rest easy in that regard, at least.

Where to Buy

The best latex mattresses are not cheap, of course, but once you’ve made up your mind to go with your dream choice of mattress, there are lots of places to shop for them. Just make sure that if you want an all-natural mattress, you will have to limit your choices to only those brands.

Latex Mattress Toppers

If you are not sure if you want to go all-latex all at once — why not try it out with a mattress topper? You can enjoy the comfort benefits without paying the high price of a 9- to 15-inch inner foam core.

Wondering if an all natural latex mattress would be best? Or how about an all natural organic latex mattress? Either one will give you earth-friendly comfort and a great night’s sleep!

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