Latex Foam Mattress Topper — Best Topper For Your Money?

A latex foam mattress topper is probably number one on the list of “best mattress toppers”. Why is this? Because latex has qualities no other padding can provide.

It is the most resilient, with the most “bounce-back” of any other material. Most people find this resiliency the most supportive surface when any kind of pain is involved.

  • Durability — latex is one of the most long-lasting padding available. Depending on the quality and thickness, latex pads can last for years and years.
  • Breathability — latex has a naturally ventilated cell structure that is enhanced by its “pinhole” design, making it a naturally cool and comfortable sleeping surface.
  • Hypoallergenic — latex is naturally resistant to dust mites and mold, two powerful allergens for sensitive people.
  • Eco-friendly — all natural latex (made from the sap of the rubber tree) is a sustainable, renewable resource, as the sap can be tapped for the life of the tree. It is also free of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and so on.
  • Synthetic latex has all the comfort and durability qualities of natural latex, but is made from petroleum-based rubber. It has the same breathability, resiliency and comfort qualities of the natural version and is superior to polyurethane foam as a sleeping material. Of course those who want to avoid all petrochemicals would not buy a synthetic latex topper, but it is an option to those who don’t mind.

How to Use a Topper for Best Results

The best scenario would be to buy a new latex mattress topper at the same time you buy a new mattress. That way, you would be getting the most sleeping comfort all at once.

After you have tested several good mattresses, decide which ones feels the best. If your choice is plush or ultra plush, you would then test a bed that is at least one step firmer from your ideal comfort level.

If this is still comfortable enough — but not as dreamy as the softer ones — you will probably be OK buying the slightly firmer one. This should save you some money, as the more plush the mattress, the higher the price. You can also negotiate your firmer mattress down a bit if you can.

Then, purchase your latex topper and apply it as soon as you get your new mattress delivered.

Why Using a Latex Foam Mattress Topper Makes Sense

Now you could well be saying, “why bother? Why not get the mattress you really want with the layers of padding necessary for ultimate comfort?” Good question — here’s the answer.

Most well-made mattresses — those with a good innerspring core made of tempered, strong coils and durable, solid padding in the first layers — will not wear out inside for a long time.

Unfortunately, those luxurious plush, dreamy layers added to the top of the mattress for the ultimate comfort experience — they will wear out far sooner than the rest of the mattress.

Did you know that the number one complaint of all recently purchased mattresses is “cratering” of the top layers? Now, some body impressions are normal in a mattress, and nothing to be too concerned about. But to have a 2-inch sinkhole goes beyond simple body impressions. It is a result of compaction of the ultra-plush padding you were so excited about when you lay down on the mattress for the first time.

So many understandably disgruntled customers now have to waste their time dealing with customer service personnel from mattress retailers and manufacturers over the delightful issue of warranty coverage. How fun!

Then there are either of two outcomes — the mattress is replaced or the exchange is refused for one reason or another. Either the compression isn’t deep enough to qualify for replacement or there is a tiny stain somewhere that voids the warranty.

Meanwhile, the inner core and construction of the mattress is fine. But sleeping comfort has been compromised. And there’s nothing you can do about it except fork over another couple thousand bucks for a mattress you should not have needed for another five years at least.

What does this scenario have to do with latex foam mattress toppers? Simple. Buy a mattress that is one or two levels firmer than your ideal comfort zone. Add a latex foam mattress topper. Enjoy! If your topper wears out, buy a new one. It’s far cheaper than buying a whole new mattress. Yet you have all the comfort and health benefits of latex to help you sleep in bliss.

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