King Size Mattress Dimensions — How to Prepare Your Living Space for the King Mattress Size

The ample king size mattress dimensions are what make this bed both a luxurious sanctuary for couples… and a giant-sized obstacle for a smaller bedroom. Here are some tips on how to deal with the king mattress size.
First the measurements. Here are the standard measurements of a king sized bed:
(NOTE: these measurements apply to the U.S. Europe sizes may be completely different.)

King: 76 X 80

California King: 72 X 84

As you can see, the California king size bed takes four inches off the width and adds them to the length.

The regular (also called Eastern) king size mattress dimensions offer 16 more inches in width than the queen size, while the California (also called Western) king gives you 12 inches more.

The regular king gives each sleeper 36 inches of space, about the width of a twin bed. The box spring is usually split in two half-sections to make moving the bed easier.

There’s no doubt it’s nice to have the extra space that king size mattress dimensions offers. And some couples simply need this space for a good night’s sleep.

The disadvantages include more space in the bedroom taken up by the bed, difficulty in moving, especially upstairs and through the narrow hallways and doorways common to older homes. And of course, all your bedding, sheets, blankets, comforters, mattress pads, and so on, will cost more.

Bedding for California or Western king size mattress may be harder to find, especially on the East Coast, where the size is not as common. You may need to buy your supplies online.

Do You Need King Size Mattress Dimensions?

The first step, if you are thinking of making a switch from a queen to a king, is to decide if you really need it. If you are both feeling a bit cramped and squeezed in a queen, that’s a fairly good indication of need! But also remember, 16 extra inches means only 8 inches on each side.

It’s a good idea to examine your current bed and see if it can be improved in some way that allows you to feel more comfortable. If the edge of your mattress is soft and “sinky,” you might consider getting a mattress with better edge support so you can sleep closer to the edge without feeling in danger of falling out of bed.

A different sort of bed frame might also be a solution. Platform beds can give a mattress more edge support, although of course they also change the sleeping experience, as there is no box spring.

Sometimes just getting a better type of mattress will solve the problem, because you will sleep more comfortably and move around less.

Managing King Size Beds

The split box springs will make delivering and moving the bed easier.
If you have tight doorways and small hallways, make sure the mattress will be flexible enough to bend sharply.

Choose a modest frame that doesn’t take up extra space with a large or tall headboard and thick legs.

You might want to avoid the fluffy, frilly, poofy sort of bedding that billows outward!

Then enjoy your new bed and spacious comfort.

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