Englander Mattress — More Mattress Comparisons and Ratings Across Manufacturers and Brands

The Englander mattress company uses what they call Advanced Body Mapping to design both their innerspring coil structure and their latex foam products. This computer mapping is meant to help relieve pressure points by varying the levels of support within each mattress, offering more firmness in some areas and more cushioning in areas where the body needs it.

Other manufacturers have this variable support too, so it’s not exactly an exclusive feature. However, it is possible for each company to do it in a different way, and one just might fit your needs best.

The Englander mattress is available in these product lines:

  • Nature’s Finest Latex, an all-natural latex foam mattress
  • Nature’s Finest Organic, an organic mattress made with recycled steel coils, natural latex padding, organic cotton and wool padding/fabrics and sustainable wood.
  • ViscoPedic Memory Foam, Englander’s version of the memory foam mattress made with their patented Variable Pressure Foaming technology
  • Synergy Fusion Foam, a combination mattress using natural latex and visco-elastic memory foam
  • Advanced Innerspring, which comes in three versions: Posture Support, Tension Ease, and 21st Century Sleep System

Englander Mattress Reviews

As with all mattress reviews, the Englander brand gets both positive and negative reviews. If the review doesn’t specify the exact product name, it won’t be all that helpful, as product lines from the same manufacturer can vary greatly.

Many reviews of memory foam and latex foam mattresses are mixed, and some of the negative ones can be attributed to the user not being accustomed to the feel or performance of foam as opposed to an innerspring core.

It’s impossible to decide which brand or company makes the best mattress for your particular needs by reading reviews, so a visit to a retailer is essential.

Englander has been in business since 1894, and manufactures mattresses throughout the U.S. and the world. Like most mattress companies, it has changed ownership several times during its existence, and licenses its brand name to manufacturers throughout the world.

Natural Latex Mattress

If you are comparing mattresses in the all-natural latex category, the Englander Nature’s Finest Latex is definitely worth trying out. It is made with 100 percent natural rubber-tree latex using the Dunlop process, which creates a dense, springy type of foam.

The benefits of natural latex include a “grounded” type of all-over support for the body with no pressure points, and no motion transfer if you’re sharing a bed with a partner. People who prefer latex foam feel that it gives them a more restful night’s sleep because they don’t toss and turn as much, which is a sign of physical comfort.

If you wish to compare mattresses in the organic category, the Englander Nature’s Finest Organic is certain worth looking into. Organic mattresses are not easy to find and tend to be quite pricey, but buyers of that specialty have compelling reasons to pay that extra money. Comparing different organic mattresses still comes down to quality, comfort and durability.

Memory Foam Mattress

The Englander ViscoPedic memory foam is made using their own process that is designed to aerate the mattress to provide a cooler experience. Some buyers of memory foam mattresses complain of feeling too warm while sleeping, so if you like the feel of viscoelastic foam but wish it felt cooler, the Englander may be what you’re looking for.

Englander Mattress Prices

Englander mattresses do not offer a low-budget line, so expect to pay over $1000 for their lowest priced mattress. Overall, the prices are in line with comparable mattresses with similar features and construction.

Where to Find an Englander Mattress

These mattresses are not as plentiful as the more common brands, like Sealy, Simmons and Serta, but most big-box mattress stores carry them. Call your local smaller stores to make sure they have them.

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