Discount Mattresses – Best Mattress at Lowest Prices?

How do you find discount mattresses? First, you need to know what it is that you’re looking for. Of course you want to find the best mattress at the lowest price, but how do you find them and where are they?

Discount mattresses are not exactly the same as cheap mattresses, because it’s still possible to pay a high price for a mattress even after it’s marked down considerably. The point is, even at that high price, it is still substantially lower than you pay for the mattress with no discount.

Everyone likes a good deal. So let’s define what a discount mattress is by taking the suggested retail price and slashing at least 20-30 percent off of that.

As you can imagine, lots of offline and online retailers claim to offer deeply slashed mattress prices, but when you get right down to it, the savings are not terribly impressive. Maybe they’ve taken off 15 percent, but then added a delivery fee, and before you know it you’ve ended up paying as much as you would for the mattress that’s not “on sale.” The bottom line here is buyer beware! Sometimes (surprise!) a lot of hype and fanfare covers up the real pricing structure.

  • The best way to buy is to choose a store that you know offers lower prices to begin with — find and choose your preferred mattress or range of several mattresses — and then wait for a sale. This requires patience, but mattress sales are relatively common in the big-box mattress stores, so it might not take as long as you think.
  • Another way is to choose a range of brands and models that you like, testing them offline, and then buy the mattress online where you may get a better deal. The only problem with this method is that you must be 100 percent certain you are getting the exact same mattress you tested in the stores. It may take a couple of phone calls to find this out.
  • Online mattress stores know they are at a disadvantage because they can’t offer showroom tryouts — so they may lower prices to compensate for that.
  • Another way to find great mattress prices is by considering discontinued models or going out of business sales. These pose some serious risks because warranties or buyer protection plans may not be available, so if the mattress turns out now to your liking, you are stuck with it. But the lower price may make those risks acceptable.

Find out when and where to shop for cheap mattress sets and cheap memory foam mattresses.

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