Latex Foam Mattress Topper — Best Topper For Your Money?

A latex foam mattress topper is probably number one on the list of “best mattress toppers”. Why is this? Because latex has qualities no other padding can provide. It is the most resilient, with the most “bounce-back” of any other material. Most people find this resiliency the most supportive surface […] Read more »

The Sealy Latex Mattress — A Disappointing Turn of Events

Sealy used to make a good latex mattress back in the old days—like ten years ago. The Posturepedic Spring Free combined durability with comfort and the price wasn’t too bad either—three factors that make any mattress a winner. What did they replace it with? Well, it’s now called simply Sealy […] Read more »

How to Choose the Best Latex Mattress

How do you find the best latex mattress? Is there such a thing, or is it once again a matter of personal comfort and preference? It’s really both. While the best latex mattress for you might be different than for your friend or relative because of firmness and comfort preferences, […] Read more »