Is the Jamison Mattress the Right Bed for You?

The Jamison mattress is not as well known as other big-name brands, but they have been around a very long time — 125 years, in fact. They began manufacturing mattresses in 1883, and perhaps the biggest surprise is, ownership has stayed in the family and continues in the present. This […] Read more »

The Sealy Latex Mattress — A Disappointing Turn of Events

Sealy used to make a good latex mattress back in the old days—like ten years ago. The Posturepedic Spring Free combined durability with comfort and the price wasn’t too bad either—three factors that make any mattress a winner. What did they replace it with? Well, it’s now called simply Sealy […] Read more »

Sealy Mattresses — Best Mattresses or Best Marketing?

In 2012 the Sealy Mattress Company reported 1.35 billion in revenue. Not bad for the tail end of a recession that caused many companies to lag in revenue and go negative on profits. But is Sealy still the largest mattress company in the world, as they claim? Not anymore. Tempurpedic […] Read more »

The Sealy Memory Foam Mattress — How Good Is Optimum?

In early 2013, Tempurpedic Mattress Company bought Sealy, paying a cool $1 billion to buy assets and settle debts, hoping to end 20 years of general mismanagement by a string of private equity firms. As nearly everyone knows, the Tempurpedic name is synonymous with memory foam, or as it is […] Read more »

The Serta Latex Mattress — More Mattress Comparisons

NOTE: The following article is out of date but I’m leaving it up so you can see what the world has lost since all three major mattress brands–Sealy, Simmons and Serta–decided to stop selling latex mattresses. That’s right, they have all discontinued making and marketing any type of latex mattress, […] Read more »

The Serta Vera Wang Mattress – Alas, No Longer Any Such Thing

Not too long ago, the Serta Vera Wang mattress offered some designer prestige to a line of beds from Serta Mattress Company. Apparently that licensing/partnership agreement expired and was not renewed. Perhaps while the Serta Mattress Company was being tossed around from one private-equity owner to another, no one remembered […] Read more »

Simmons Mattress Reviews — What They Reveal Between the Lines

When you begin checking out Simmons mattress reviews online, it’s important (as I have said elsewhere on this site) to keep some perspective about consumer-based mattress ratings in general: negative mattress reviews are very common, something I explain in more detail in this article on bed mattress reviews in general. […] Read more »

Mattress Ratings — How to Find the Best Rated Mattresses

Mattress ratings are not easy to find. While you can easily access a variety of consumer mattress reviews, getting objective ratings in a systematic way is much more difficult. There are several reasons for this. One reason is that mattress manufacturers seem determined to avoid any objective rating system for […] Read more »