Mattress Comparison Shopping — How to Compare, Shop and Keep Your Sanity

When it’s time to go mattress shopping, how do you avoid getting confused? Salespeople will quickly take advantage of a confused state of mind, as you will be more easily led to a mattress THEY would like you to buy rather than one YOU really want. Mattress Comparison Shopping Part […] Read more »

Custom Mattresses — Worth the Cost?

Custom mattresses fall into two specific categories: one type is made individually to order, customized to your unique specifications. The other is one you can customize in your own bedroom, because it provides different settings for firmness, positioning, and so on. Adjustable beds and quality air beds like Sleep Comfort, […] Read more »

Is the Jamison Mattress the Right Bed for You?

The Jamison mattress is not as well known as other big-name brands, but they have been around a very long time — 125 years, in fact. They began manufacturing mattresses in 1883, and perhaps the biggest surprise is, ownership has stayed in the family and continues in the present. This […] Read more »

King Koil Mattress — Decent Bed If You Can Find It

The King Koil mattress brand maintains a good reputation based on a well-made, well-marketed mattress. The company was started in 1898. Apparently the 1890s was a good year for mattress company beginnings, as several began their manufacturing operations in that timeframe. However, like so many other mattress companies — really […] Read more »

Sealy Mattresses — Best Mattresses or Best Marketing?

In 2012 the Sealy Mattress Company reported 1.35 billion in revenue. Not bad for the tail end of a recession that caused many companies to lag in revenue and go negative on profits. But is Sealy still the largest mattress company in the world, as they claim? Not anymore. Tempurpedic […] Read more »

How to Find the Best Mattresses

The best mattresses have two main qualifications — they are well made from high-quality components (best quality mattress), and they fit your own needs, body type, and perceptions of comfort. I’m sure it’s clear by now that finding the best mattresses among the thousands of choices out there, is not […] Read more »

Best Mattress for Your Money When Choosing Your Next Bed

What is the best mattress? One that supports you in perfect comfort all through the night as you change positions, and continues to do so for many years with no noticeable decline in quality. So there are really only two main points to consider: comfort and durability. Of course each […] Read more »

Buying a Mattress — Is It Time Yet?

Thinking about buying a mattress? Is it the right time now or should you wait until the year-end clearance sales? How do you know for certain? Here is a checklist to determine if you need to consider buying a new mattress now or if you can put it off. Do […] Read more »