Custom Mattresses — Worth the Cost?

Custom mattresses fall into two specific categories: one type is made individually to order, customized to your unique specifications. The other is one you can customize in your own bedroom, because it provides different settings for firmness, positioning, and so on. Adjustable beds and quality air beds like Sleep Comfort, […] Read more »

Adjustable Air Mattress — How to Find the Best Air Mattress

The adjustable air mattress is designed to give you control over firmness levels. With state-of-the-art sealed air chambers attached to a solid foundation, digital remote control inflators, and luxurious toppers, padding and fabrics, this mattress is very far removed from the cheap air beds we used to get for camping […] Read more »

Best Memory Foam Mattress — Getting Down to Core Issues

The best memory foam mattress has these features: High density rating ILD range of 12-16 Good Resiliency Foundation Core at least 4-5 inches thick Layered construction, with firmest (highest density) foam in the core, and less firm layers on top Density A high density foam will hold up under years […] Read more »

Best Crib Mattress and Crib Mattress Reviews

The best crib mattress has firm support and fits snugly into the crib so there are no gaps whatsoever. These are the two most important safety features. Firmness is necessary so your baby doesn’t sink into the mattress far enough to hinder breathing. Suffocation and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome are […] Read more »

Sealy Mattresses — Best Mattresses or Best Marketing?

In 2012 the Sealy Mattress Company reported 1.35 billion in revenue. Not bad for the tail end of a recession that caused many companies to lag in revenue and go negative on profits. But is Sealy still the largest mattress company in the world, as they claim? Not anymore. Tempurpedic […] Read more »

How to Choose the Best Latex Mattress

How do you find the best latex mattress? Is there such a thing, or is it once again a matter of personal comfort and preference? It’s really both. While the best latex mattress for you might be different than for your friend or relative because of firmness and comfort preferences, […] Read more »

What the Best Latex Mattress Can Do For You

If you are looking for the best latex mattress, you will have quite a job on your hands, as there are some very good ones out there. But there are also some disappointments, so be prepared to test any latex mattress with diligence. Before you begin your search, you need […] Read more »

Best Mattress for Your Money When Choosing Your Next Bed

What is the best mattress? One that supports you in perfect comfort all through the night as you change positions, and continues to do so for many years with no noticeable decline in quality. So there are really only two main points to consider: comfort and durability. Of course each […] Read more »