Best Mattress Brands — Just Who Makes the Best Mattress Anyway?

If you’re looking for the best mattress brands, because you want to know once and for all who makes the best mattress, you might be in for a shock. There are winners and losers among all the best-selling Big-Name mattress brands, with nearly every company producing some wonderful specimens and some, well, duds.

This is why careful mattress shopping is so important. If you know the brand Sealy and think that every mattress they make must be good because your 20-year-old Sealy mattress is still in pretty good shape for its age… think again.

The best way to avoid getting hooked in on mattresses from the “best mattress brands” that are not up to standard is to understand what goes into a high-quality mattress. Then do mattress brand comparisons on the models that are built with the components that are most important to you.

Going Outside the Big Three

The U.S. mattress industry is pretty much dominated by the Big Three — Sealy, Simmons and Serta. There’s no doubt that these companies are capable of making really good mattresses — namely, the Sealy Posturepedic, Simmons Beautyrest, and Serta Perfect Day are practically household names, meaning we’ve heard about them even if we aren’t currently mattress shopping.

But does this mean the Big Three belong to a rare elite group of best mattress brands? Not necessarily.

Many small mattress companies make an outstanding mattress. And what is really interesting is that just about anyone with the desire and some capital can start up a new mattress company and start cranking out great beds and, with a bit of marketing genius, could probably make a profit soon enough.

Why is this?

Well, mainly because mattress manufacturing is quite streamlined now.

You can get innerspring components from Leggitt and Platt, the same supplier that builds them for the Big Three.

You can get talalay latex mattress cores and toppers from Latex International, who supply most of the latex mattress industry with those components.

And you can get all your padding and “comfort” layers from a variety of foam and fabric specialty companies, your wood frames from another supplier, your memory foam from another, and so on.

Of course you do have to assemble these things together, but that’s a matter of simple mechanics. You can then give all of your components fine, fancy names like “BrainyMemoryFoam” and “UltraBlissConvoluted5-ZoneComfortQuilt” and so on, then trademark those names, and advertise your mattresses as having “exclusive” features — simply because you have registered your unique names for the inner materials that you and a dozen other mattress companies all share!

If this sounds like mattress-company bashing, well, maybe it is a little. But there is so much jargon in this industry that one wonders if it serves any real purpose — other than getting the buyer to believe they are offered something truly unique and special!

But to continue the discussion of best mattress brands…

Who Makes the Best Mattress Is the One Who Cares Enough

The best mattresses come out of factories owned by companies that believe in offering quality and value to their customers. Because it’s so easy to use lower-quality supplies — because the components are so well hidden beneath luxurious-looking fabrics — it comes down to the relationship companies have with their customers.

The best mattress brands are the ones who stretch beyond the pure-profit model, who would rather have customers singing their praises to other customers than to produce a bed that self-destructs in half the time it used to, so they can sell twice as many as they used to.

It’s up to You, the Consumer, to understand how a good mattress is supposed to perform and then vote, with your dollars and your satisfaction, for who makes the best mattress. Here are some good contenders:

  • Sealy — You can’t ignore double-tempered steel coils, generous coil counts and solid construction. Sealy is the market leader, and it’s not all marketing genius. They do make a solid mattress. Of course they are not perfect. Beware of the use of poly foam rather than latex foam cores in their high-priced latex models. And if you’re looking for all-natural latex (from the rubber tree), you need to look elsewhere. Sealy also offers good value on their cheapest mattresses. So they do qualify as one of the best mattress brands.
  • Stearns and Foster — Yes, the price is high, but the quality is there to match. They are owned by Sealy (similar to how Toyota owns Lexus) and they also use double-tempered steel coils. Their pocket coil design gets high praise, and while Simmons also makes a good pocket coil mattress (Beautyrest), the Stearns and Foster is made with tempered steel, which promises more years of use.
  • Serta — The continuous coil design of their reasonably-priced models offer durability, simply because coils that are linked so closely together do not suffer as much wear and tear. The Serta latex line offers talalay latex for those who desire that softer, bouncier type of latex.
  • Custom Comfort — Just to show that who makes the best mattress might be someone you’ve never heard of! Custom Comfort is a local Southern California mattress company that makes beds they sell exclusively through their own retail outlets. They are a family-owned business that has developed good relationships with their customers.
  • You may find similar businesses in your area. Do not ignore these small gems, as they might be your ticket to the world’s best mattress — for you. Who knows — maybe some of the best mattress brands are those you’ve never heard of before.

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