3-inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

A 3-inch memory foam mattress topper is a good solution for you if you like memory foam but can’t afford an entire new mattress made from the stuff… or you have never slept on this type of bed and want to get an idea of what it’s like.

When placed on a firm innerspring mattress, this topper could mean the difference between a good night sleep and a poor, restless one.

Before you rush out to buy one, though, keep in mind that the same rules of buying a memory foam mattress apply to a topper.

First is to choose quality over a cheap price. When it comes to your sleeping surface, there is no value to be gained from a poor-quality topper. Beware bargain basement toppers, as they won’t last.

Some tips:

Make sure your topper is the right density and firmness. High quality density is 4 lbs. This is how much one cubic foot of the material weighs. Many 3-inch toppers do not match that density.

Is it OK to buy a 3 lb density topper in 3-inch thickness? It’s fine if you just want some cushioning from a mattress surface that is too firm, but if it’s real support you need, a 4 lb density will give you more satisfaction. Of course the thicker the better for that purpose–see article on 4-inch memory foam mattress toppers.

Expect to pay $100+ for a quality 3 inch topper. As they go down in price, they generally go down in density, quality and comfort.

Make sure the underlying mattress is firm enough to support the topper properly. If you put a topper on a soft or sagging mattress, you will not reap the full benefits and it is better to buy a whole new mattress.

If you are exploring the possibility of buying a memory foam mattress, it makes sense to test your reaction by sleeping on a topper first, but keep in mind it won’t be exactly the same experience. Do not try to use a memory foam topper on a cheap inflatable bed!

Who sells 3-inch memory foam mattress toppers?

The big brand names all sell memory foam mattress toppers, but of course that does not mean they are all manufactured in the same way.

Other brand names include Bodipedic (Sleep Innovations), Slumber Solutions, Comfort Dreams, Grande Hotel (Sferra), and many no-name brands.

As mentioned in the article on latex foam mattress topper, you can save a lot of money on a new mattress if you buy a no-frills version (no plush, ultra-plush or pillowtop style), at least one or two levels firmer than you find comfortable. Then layer mattress topper over it as needed. You can experiment with different thicknesses and even different materials to get the level of cushioning and support you really want.

It is interesting to note that the biggest consumer complaint against new mattresses is how quickly the plush upper layers flatten out, cave in, or develop body impressions that do not go away. By having more control over your top cushioning layers, you can have the comfort you long for without the hassle and big price tags.

Can you build your own customized memory foam mattress using toppers alone? You can, but it gets a bit tricky. See article on custom mattresses for more details.

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